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These videos have been heralded by members of the SS United States Conservancy as the "best and most comprehensive documentation of the interior and furnishings of the SS United States prior to her being totally gutted in 1984". www.ssunitedstatesconservancy.org

"The best video I've ever seen of the interiors of the "Big U": Richard April,
www.ss-united-states.net .

To order one or both DVDs, please go to www.photoscenics.us
SS United States DVDsSS United States DVD "The Way She Was"The SS United States Collection at Windmill Point DVD

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Nice work ;)
Your style is unique, congratulations :)
May I just say wow :)
I recently purchased the 2 DVD's on the SS United States.
1. Tour of SS United States 1984 before everything
had been auctioned off.
2. The DVD of the restaurant Nags Head, N.C.which
has the largest collection of SS United States
memrobelia anywhere.
I viewed them both yesterday. I cannot tell you how pleased I was with
both DVD's. The tour of the ship was bitter sweet. It was very enjoyable
but also a little sad to compare her to what she was then and what she is now. The 2nd DVD was great to see this fantastic collection of everything from the kidney shaped bar from the SS United States down to huge models of the ship, tons of photos and paintings of the ship. Walking into this restaurant was the closest thing to actually stepping back in time and being on board the ship. The entire collection is fantastic. Both DVD's well worth the price.
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